Front line management

I don’t have any easy answers to the time management dilemma. For me, it works best if I divide my week into 10 half-days. My guess is it would take much less than half a day a week to coach your team on the messages and vision the CEO is passionate about.”
Rob Davidson, here.

In large organisations like CSPs, it’s difficult for an executive team to receive unfiltered information from the front lines of an organisation. There tend to be many layers of interpretation on the way up the org chart. Rob Davidson references a customer that stated, “We can’t get through the layer of concrete” in relation to communications with frontline managers.

Not many people would see it as a key selling point of an OSS, but these tools can be incredibly effective at shortening the distance between an organisation’s executive suite and front-line activities. The front-line tend to use many OSS tools to record, monitor and manage their activities in near-real-time, so there is an enormous amount of front-line information being recorded by our OSS tools.

The challenge for us OSS architects is to build the information stacks and communications flows to allow vital information to reach executives quickly enough to be acted upon. But even more importantly, it requires us to have the senior connections and an understanding of the organisation’s business levers to make the information/communication relevant enough to be worth acting upon.

Do you know of many OSS experts that have an awareness of:

  1. What information would help their senior executives
  2. What’s happening on the front-line (eg field workforce, contact centres, network operations, sales, etc)

or are they too far removed from either/both?

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