Gathering Requirements – Driven by Data

You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.”
Daniel Keys Moran

Data is probably the only reason why you intend to invest so much time and money into your OSS so this must be the key to your requirement gathering phase. The following provide a few hints about the types of data that might be valuable to your organisation:

  • Asset utilisation and spare capacity
  • Improving marketing effectiveness
  • Identifying actionable trends and predictors of many varieties
  • Identifying network health issues
  • Tracking regulatory or contractual obligations
  • Service usage and fraudulent usage
  • Benchmarking and outlier analysis to improve efficiencies
  • Building customer profiles to help with marketing and improved customer experience management
  • Identifying the other data sets that will help you to monitor and manage key business objectives

The analysis of your data will help you to derive the data requirements that are important to you, but also help you to identify where the source data might be collected from and how it can be handled to give the insights you need.

The corollary to this point is that if you collect it, how do you intend to consume it? Therein lies another set of requirements.

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