Get out of your box

Introverts treasure the close relationships they have stretched so much to make.”
Adam S. McHugh

Stay inside your box and you will get forever stuck inside that little box. Instead get out of your box, bring others to you and help connect others.

OSS are all about connections. If you stay inside the box that has been allocated to you by job description or by title then you limit your value to what you can achieve within those constrained walls. Make new projects, make new connections, expand your network, discover new learnings, make new things happen and you broaden the scope of what your little box delivers but also adjacent boxes.

Bring others into your world so they can expand it. If you’re a programmer, seek out the subject matter experts, the trainers, the testers, the data gurus. The future strength of your OSS lies in the strength of the connections you can establish. It is the same network effect that first made fax machines irreplaceable, then superseded and made them nigh on redundant.

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