Graphical vs hot-keys

To all the network rectification gurus out there, the NOC operators, the fault/assurance teams, I’d like to pose a question.

Do you prefer a user interface that is graphical, point and click, has drill-down capability or do you prefer a series of hot-keys so that your quick-fire key-strokes can resolve the issue faster?

I personally love the GUI, particularly circuit and network diagramming tools that allow me to see a circuit path, and any underlying circuit layers that it’s built upon. If the diagramming tool can show me the nodes and/or arcs that are in alarm, then my visual brain thinks it’s a long way towards resolving a network problem. But maybe that’s my right-brain thinking (actually I’m a bit of a rarity in that I’m fairly evenly balanced between left and right, especially a rarity for a network engineer!)

But all you logical left-brainer network fault fixers might prefer the key-stroke method.

If the left-brainers win this poll, does that mean the right-brain execs might be shelling out dollars for the pretty GUIs that are less operationally efficient but easier for them to comprehend?

PS. I know that modern research has discounted many of the left-brain / right-brain theories, but it’s a fun concept that many people can still relate to.

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