Weapons of Mass Instruction

The path to success is to take massive, determined action.”
Tony Robbins

Carriers / service providers potentially have access to a massive amount of data. There is a growing need amongst a CSP’s customers for real-time data that is transparent and valuable to their business needs, particularly those that are dependent on communication technologies.

CSP’s traditional relational databases store information in a structured, pre-defined way. But what about the wealth of knowledge that could be derived from relationships that aren’t pre-established? Success comes from doing things differently.

Are relational databases analogous to the nailed-up design of circuits in the original PDH and SDH technologies as opposed to modern packet-switched networks? Is the any-to-any model of big data going to supersede relational databases in much the same way that circuit-oriented networks have been largely superseded by connectionless networks?

Sounds interesting right, but how can big data analytics be applied to a CSP’s world? The following are but a few and I’d love to hear your ideas about other applications:

  • Customer Experience – ensuring customer relationship, sales, service, customer network performance (eg SLAs), self-service provisioning, marketing messages and all other inbound or outbound customer transactions are interactive, personal and on-demand
  • Building bridges between the various information islands that exist within large CSPs. This could also apply to bridging of data between disparate systems where formal data sharing is not feasible
  • Behavioural analysis of use of available systems and information by internal (staff, contractors, etc) and external users (customers, partners, consultants, etc)
  • eProcessing – Content sharing between information silos relating to full customer life-cycle, including forms with signatures, self-service modifications, network outages that impact SLAs, simplified onboarding and claims processing
  • Cross-promotional? – CSPs and newspaper/magazine publishers have access to massive subscriber bases. Does this provide an opportunity to deliver context-sensitive or personalised content to these subscribers without breaching the trust of data privacy? Does the content come from the CSP itself, or through on-marketing of partner organisations? This is a sensitive topic no doubt, but I’m sure ethical business models are just waiting to be found
  • Identifying transactional trends for use in a wide variety of ways, including routing maintenance, product development, matching customer preferences with business solutions, etc

The list goes on. CSPs are the original Facebooks in that they have a vast amount of transactional data that awaits pattern and relationship analysis.  But it is only as valuable as the insights that can be gleaned from strategic bonding of data. Does this represent a new and potentially valuable role at a CSP – Big Data Insight Maker?

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