Harnessing OSS momentum

The most effective way to do it, is to do it
Amelia Earhart

An earlier post entitled, “The OSS inertia principle,” spoke of the challenge of nudging massive organisations from a state of inertia to a state of momentum.

In some cases, thinking, talking and documenting represent the application of force that gets an organisation moving. In large organisations, they can be a form of procrastination as they don’t provide enough force to overcome inertia.

Doing seems to provide more leverage. Creating something, demonstrating something, configuring something – they all seem to provide greater leverage for a given amount of effort. Even if the activity of doing is deemed to be progressing in the wrong direction, at least momentum has been gained and can be redirected towards a new target.

It’s much easier to get feedback on something tangible, when people can see it and provide confirmation or constructive reassessment comments, than pondering about hours of what-if scenarios.

Sure – thinking, talking and documenting can act as fire-starters but doing seems to set out a line in the sand that constrains the what-if scenarios into something more manageable for the team to focus their attentions on.

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