Dataviz in OSS

Data visualisation is a growing field of expertise. It combines the skills of the designer with those of the developer and the journalist, to create interactive layouts that help people explore data for themselves.”
Olly Arbor

Do you have a dataviz expert on your OSS team?

If ever there were a field that needed dataviz, OSS would be it. OSS collect ridiculously large volumes of data. But masses of data doesn’t create insight by itself. It needs to be arranged to tell a story. It needs to be presented so as to be accessible.

Many OSS are clearly designed by developers who are not UI (User Interface) or dataviz experts and may possibly even be colour-blind.

Conversely, David McCandless, who is renowned for actually being a dataviz expert, suggests that data/information visualisation should consist of:
» Concepting and the generation of good, interesting ideas
» Researching and curating juicy data
» Executing and selecting appropriate & effective visualisations
» Designing and beautifying impactful charts & diagrams

…as opposed to getting a big pile of data and throwing it in a line or bar graph, which seems to be the pseudo-standard OSS approach.

I’d love to hear your opinions on which OSS products provide the most beautiful and informative visualisations of the data they collect.

Another reason why the OSS industry needs more yellow/green thinkers??  😉

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