Have you ever fitted aircraft-grade aluminium to an OSS?

Does this clip from Big Bang Theory remind you of any of your OSS colleagues?

It does remind me of many colleagues and customers from over the years, but it also unfortunately reminds me of myself sometimes. I’ve been guilty of prescribing the aircraft-grade aluminium when the cheap Swedish media centre would’ve done the job. I have to try hard not to slip into this mode.

What is it about the endless possibilities of an OSS implementation that makes us Engineers lose sight of what is actually needed?

It’s also the problem when evaluating new OSS products. With enough time and resources, any OSS can be made to interface with almost anything, perform almost any functionality and/or follow almost any process you want. We know our evaluation should be tied to which product can do most of the things we need already (or with minimal input) rather than what each product could do (or be beguiled by the flashy features we don’t really need).

Ditto for specifying the requirements of your next OSS.

Can you relate to either of these OSS distractions?

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