What’s faster than innovation at the speed of software?

Marc Andreessen famously wrote an essay entitled, “Why software is eating the world,” in the WSJ in 2011, which has proven to be an accurate insight. I thought he was also responsible for the term, “innovation at the speed of software,” but a search only reveals PAOSS and a few other references, so perhaps I’ve mangled a quote somewhere along the line. I like it nonetheless and use it regularly.

However, it seems the world has found something even faster – “innovation at the speed of data.”

To quote Peter Sondergaard, “Machine learning and artificial intelligence move at the speed of data, not at the speed of code releases. Information is the new code base.”

All the more reason to strip the baked-in functionality out of our bloated OSS and build better data lakes and data processing platforms to handle natural language OSS search.

Software Speed
This image from Dialogic is missing a top rung.

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