Hazards in your environment

Our technological powers increase, but the side effects and potential hazards also escalate.”
Alvin Toffler

One of the many user groups touched by an OSS (directly or indirectly) is the field work-force. The field work-force have to deal with hazards that most of us desk-jockeys don’t come into contact with. Confined spaces, hazardous materials (eg gas, asbestos, etc), working at heights and other similar hazards aren’t always top of mind for people working on OSS platforms.

Whilst I haven’t seen this implemented by any of my past customers, I’m sure some organisations do use their OSS to record hazard notes to be able to identify them in the work packages that are issued to field workers. This would allow field workers to visit sites with the appropriate equipment to handle hazardous environments. In addition, the OSS could perform skills-based routing of tasks to field workers who have the appropriate certifications to work in each type of hazardous environment.

Whilst there would be many ways for an OSS to deliver such functionality, it seems logical that the GIS (Geographical Information Systems) that underpin many OSS (especially inventory platforms) could easily be adapted to record and present hazard notes.

Have you heard of any organisation that uses this type of functionality already? Would it actually enhance operations or do organisations have other simpler methods of hazard risk mitigation?

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