How is OSS a strategic priority for telco execs

CSP Strategic Priorities
Global telecommunications study: navigating the road to 2020

It’s interesting that “Improved IT Systems and Processes” is seen as a strategic priority by around a third of respondents to this executive study by EY. It also implies that improved IT systems and processes are probably only front-of-mind for investment for about one third of Telco executives.

Do you know what I see in this graph? I see OSS as being a primary enabler of the top 6 responses on this list (with a tally of 257% out of a potential 300%).

If we see OSS in a traditional light, it gets a ranking of 29%. If we position OSS to meet telco executives’ biggest hot-topics, the ranking rises to 257%. This is one of the key reasons why I believe OSS needs to shed the constraint of just being an OPERATIONAL support system.

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