The danger of shortening time-to-market

Time-to-market is an important metric in the Telco vernacular. It’s important because rapid TTM allows one CSP to get an attractive new product out to customers earlier than competitors and all the benefits that go with it (ie rapid revenue turn-on, market share, brand awareness, etc).

One of the primary impediments to a product’s TTM is the IT stream (including OSS, process / tech / contract changes, etc). IT usually wears the brunt of criticism for slowing down a TTM too.

But in some ways, I suspect this is a good thing. If a product launch is measured in months, not days, then all of the non-IT people get to think about it more.

There is already so much complexity in a Telco stemming from the products being released by marketing groups. Complexity flows downstream from there. If TTM were to decrease to days then the complexity factor would escalate drastically.

A slower TTM actually gives people time to think about streamlining / simplifying their area of scope and reducing the complexity that eventually reaches the IT solution.

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2 Responses

  1. Excellent. The whole story of the Catalog (Commercial/Technical/Service) will help with TTM. From the concept to the Product Provisioning.

  2. Hi Wallis
    Absolutely. Catalogs definitely help to manage the whole product life-cycle (in fact, the blog that is due to drop today talks a little bit about them).
    Unfortunately each catalog item adds extra complexity into the OSS (eg network configurations for the OSS to manage into the network). If TTM is fast, it means the speed of complexity rises too. Ouch!

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