Huawei claims improved management of SDN Networks

Huawei Claims to Improve O&M Efficiency of SDN Networks.

At Huawei Connect 2016 in Shanghai, Huawei announced the launch of its updated Cloud Fabric 5.0 system for cloud services. It now has a Huawei Fabric Insight Refined Operations and Maintenance (O&M) system as its core.

The O&M system locates faults through visualized network status measurement and management, including big data-based analysis, enabling customers to improve O&M efficiency, Huawei claims.

As software-defined networking (SDN) services are deployed, an originally operated and maintained physical network is divided into three networks: service, logical, and physical. But traditional O&M methods can’t monitor the status of the service and logical networks, so if an application fault occurs, it can be difficult to locate.

Huawei’s fabric system helps cloud data centers improve O&M efficiency through various O&M applications. The O&M system features network-wide path quality scanning, which adjusts network paths as network status changes. If a fault occurs at the service layer, physical devices can be automatically associated to locate the issue, using a big data analytics algorithm.

It also includes network-wide visualization, which measures the health status of applications and networks based on the statistics of application quality, logical and physical network elements, and the use of network functions and features on the service. Huawei claims that this simplifies the large-scale network O&M.

In related news, Huawei also launched its 72 X 100G Tb/s line cards claiming to improve data center capabilities, specifically improving elastic networking capabilities. It also virtualizes traditional security hardware and enables provisioning and scheduling of security services, helping data center tenants improve security protection efficiency for cloud services.

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