Huawei partners with Ascom

Huawei and Ascom Agree to Cooperate Under the OSS Interoperability Initiative (OSSii).

Huawei announced that it has signed an agreement with Ascom to license its network infrastructure interfaces for integration with Ascom TEMS Discovery network optimization products. The agreement ensures that Huawei will provide full support to Ascom TEMS Discovery for their integration with the relevant Huawei products.

The agreement between Huawei and Ascom is in alignment with the principles outlined in the OSS Interoperability Initiative (OSSii). In 2013, Huawei, Nokia Networks and Ericsson launched the initiative for OSSii. The initiative aims to simplify interoperability between OSS systems in a multi-vendor environment, which will provide simplified, multi-lateral access to interfaces that have previously been restricted to proprietary use. With this agreement, Huawei has opened the door to license its OSSii interfaces to Independent Software Vendor (ISV).

The signing of agreement between Huawei and Ascom represents an important milestone for ISVs and Huawei. Huawei is willing to cooperate with more ISVs to facilitate the integration of northbound interfaces, shorten the time to market for ISV products and provide the necessary integration services.

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