I’m an OSS, you need to trust me

We believe in nurturing a trust-based relationship with our partners to create effective innovative projects together.”

I won’t mention which vendor executive coined this phrase, but it’s representative of many vendors’ sentiments. Easy words to say, but harder to earn (individually or as an organisation) and harder still to prove to others.

OSS / BSS have typically used trust as an internal mechanism, a means to access (or restrict access to) our systems and their functionality. But a broader concept of trust is growing, one which OSS / BSS may choose to build upon.

You’ve heard of the Trust Economy, spawned from tech like Uber, AirBnB, etc, but in reality the economy has always been built on trust. It’s now a case of digital trust. In the global economy it’s harder to establish trust between partners who have never met.

In an OSS where functionality is built upon John Reilly’s Value Fabric, or supports any form of marketplace, then trust becomes an external construct (ie partners and customers). If our OSS are to become an external construct, revenue generators rather than cost centres, then this new layer of trust will begin to enter our universe.

This is where smart contracts and blockchain and associated identity / signatory management technologies intrigue me. How far away from reality are these technologies in our world of OSS?

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