Implementing an OSS through a customer’s eyes

“When I was with John, I thought he was the greatest person in the whole world.” Then why did you marry Bill, the friend asked. “Because when I’m with Bill, he makes me feel that I’m the greatest person in the world.”

Technology is not the panacea for business problems. A vendor’s product, a vendor’s process and a vendor’s team are all vitally important…… to the vendor. To the customer, it is a means to an end. An OSS visionary is able to see the OctopOSS through the customer’s eyes – their market, their products, their business model, their competitors and their competitive advantage. In presentations, the OSS vendor will always espouse their own competitive advantage, but how often does the vendor start their solution with how they will to enhance the customer’s competitive advantage?

You can find a great business model template here to use as a starting point.

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