How is your Outside Plant data integrity?

Garbage In, Garbage Out
Computer Industry Proverb

Let me ask you the following questions:

  • Are you having data accuracy problems, particularly in your Outside Plant Network?
  • Are your network operators and planners losing faith in the data stored in your NMS/OSS and having to adopt workarounds that cause further degradation of data integrity?
  • Worse still, are they wasting time on lengthy audits to determine whether the live network matches the NMS/OSS data that is presented to them?
  • Are you having problems with loss of assets, such as listed inventory not being available in the warehouse when needed?
  • Is the loss of assets also resulting in embarrassing data breaches?
  • Are your financial executives having problems matching up their Fixed Asset Registers with the information being reported by the network divisions?
  • Are you having problems with tracking assets through the warehouse, such as spares held or tracking of assets once they are sent for repairs and then back to the stores warehouse?

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