Is The OctopOSS on TV?

Over 60 years ago, broadcast television introduced channels 1-10 in the U.S., and, furthering this momentum, channelization provided channels 11-1,000 via cable and satellite in the 1980s. As this decade is earmarked by seismic technology and media changes, the next few years will be laser-focused on creating the next 100,000 channels – delivered across a mix of broadcast, cable, mobile and smart TV apps – each tailored for a set of unique lifestyles.
Kun Gao
on Gigacom

Could this concept be an opportunity for the OSS vendors as well as the CSPs?

Can the CSP offer an OTT service over their own network that lowers the barrier to entry for customers to offer broadcast TV (or radio or Video-on-Demand, etc) to their audiences?

Can OSS vendors offer the SaaS solution to the CSP to offer to the potential broadcasters? They already have the tools to deliver customer management, content management, network management, etc.

Is the OSS vendor too far removed to deliver a solution that reaches through to your customer’s (CSP), customer’s (broadcaster), customer (TV viewer) rather than just directly to their customer?

Perhaps the OSS vendor limits the functionality to feature-rich APIs for the broadcasters to hook into?

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