IT vs OT tensions

I’m currently working on an assignment where many of the client’s customers seem to have real power struggle going on between the IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technologies). Nothing unusual there.

IP networks are already shifting the balance of power further towards IT. Network virtualisation is likely to tip the scales even further in the favour of IT. That means that OT is looking for a story within virtualised networking that can solidify their relevance.

Naturally I’m going to tell you that the story lies in OSS.

It turns out that this is already starting to play out. From a recent discussion with Cisco it seems that their Network Service Orchestrator (built upon their Tail-F acquisition) has fallen into this niche and is selling the house down.

It fills the niche by offering provisioning services in both physical and virtual networks right now, getting in before the service orchestration story on virtualised networks has fully consolidated for IT teams.

If OT can get an investment up on NSO or similar products then it gives OT the platform that IT provisioning tools will plug into.

Not sure if this was planned or fortuitous but it does seem to have found a willing OT audience.

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