Question for the community. Have any of you heard of (or experienced) a Telco using data out of their IVRs (Interactive Voice Response) solutions to link up with OSS data?

There is a current trend to use merge social data sets to determine customer sentiment and potentially cross-reference against network health and other OSS/BSS data sets. With IVRs having the ability to convert speech to text, they also theoretically generate a much more targeted “social” data stream of customer sentiment.

What use cases can you envisage to make of merged IVR / OSS / BSS data sets?

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4 Responses

  1. Good question. Role of IVR / VXML-IVR was to have a component in the Network that would reduce well known repetitive requests to the CRM layer. Good example is with menu driven applications and Prepaid “top-up” solutions using a IVR. IVR/OSS integration is certainly an area that is growing as a result of Wireline/Wireless OSS/BSS Transformation projects.

    Another thought – Social Media CRMs can be used to help with data links to OSS/BSS.

  2. Good points Wallis.
    True about the menu-driven apps. For example visual IVR are virtually another OSS tool [for readers who haven’t heard of them, take a look here http://www.visual-ivr.com/what-is-visual-ivr/ ]
    Thanks for the note about the rise of IVR / OSS integration. I haven’t come across a project with this yet. Plenty with INs or voice switches but not IVR.

  3. I’ve recently seen a telco use their digital engagement center where they monitor Social media sentiments about their product campaigns, trends a out their network quality (geo tagged tweets), to clearly identify rising trends from a city and proactively trigger a notification to the service Ops center which will investigate the specific geo tagged network quality trend and if they find a potential issue brewing or even worse, an existing fault (yet to be actioned), they inform the call center about this service degradation or problem. While there is a potential for the telco to program the ivr immediately to play out this message for callers from that affected region, they have not yet done that but we did recommend such a closed loop action. Since call centers are outsourced, every call picked up by the agent is a cost to the telco and hence this ivr intervention is a good way to keep callers know that the telco is already aware and working on the issue and they usually don’t then wait to be connected to the agent.

  4. Thanks Steelysan,
    Interesting use case(s) – to take social data and feed the results back into OSS and IVR. That would’ve been fun to work on!
    Did you see examples of the IVR being used as an output (ie a source of data) as well?

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