Just Launched: Fundamentals of OSS/BSS Video

We’ve just launched a multi-part video series to provide an introduction to OSS and BSS. It answers these fundamental questions and more:

  • Part 1 – What is an OSS? What is a BSS? Why are OSS and BSS even a thing?
  • Part 2 – Who uses an OSS and/or BSS?
  • Part 3 – What Functions do OSS and BSS Perform?
  • Part 4 – What Business Benefits do OSS/BSS Generate?
  • Part 5 – What’s the difference between an OSS and BSS?
  • Part 6 – How do OSS & BSS interact with a Comms Network?
  • Part 7 – What does an OSS/BSS look like?
  • Part 8 – Where can I Find Out More About OSS and BSS?:

Check it out. And give us a Like if you think it’s useful.

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