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Redknee Wins a Multi-Year Services Contract with Ukrainian Mobile Operator lifecell

Redknee Solutions Inc. announced the signing of a new multi-year services agreement with lifecell, one of the largest operators in Ukraine and part of the Turkcell Group. The contract strengthens Redknee’s partnership with lifecell, allowing the operator to leverage Redknee’s monetization and subscriber management platform to quickly launch new and innovative products and services while improving and standardizing service levels across multiple geographic locations.

lifecell operates in one of the fastest growing communications markets, fueled by the increasing penetration of smartphones and devices. McKinsey estimates that the annual growth in the Eastern European communications market is 8.4%. lifecell can now leverage Redknee’s multi-year services contract to maximize the value of the Redknee monetization and subscriber management solution to pursue local business opportunities that promote growth and profitability. Redknee’s services group uses an agile working methodology, best-in-class tools and processes to maximize the value of Redknee’s solutions and improve operational efficiency, reliability and service levels. The combination of Redknee’s real-time monetization and subscriber management software and services allow service providers to quickly deploy new capabilities and initiatives that support differentiation and generate sustained business advantage.

Burak Ersoy, lifecell CEO commented:

“lifecell is excited to work with Redknee to pursue our aggressive growth strategy in Ukraine. Together we can grow our business by taking advantage of opportunities in such high growth markets as Ukraine. By leveraging Redknee’s monetization and subscriber management solution and services we can quickly respond to market opportunities and needs as well as increase our competitiveness and add value across our geographical locations.”

Lucas Skoczkowski, Redknee’s CEO commented:

“Redknee is pleased to further expand our relationship with lifecell and the Turkcell Group. This partnership demonstrates the value of Redknee’s monetization and subscriber management solutions and services, including our ability to support clients with multiple locations. We look forward to helping the group unlock the full value of its businesses and implement strategies that promote long-term success, growth and profitability for the entire organization.”

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