Testing leads to failure, and failure leads to understanding.”
Burt Rutan

It is in the ability to remotely test a network link (ie line-testing) that a great deal of efficiency can be gained. A proficient line test tool can significantly reduce fault-fix times by isolating the location of line failures (eg backhoes digging through cables) from a remote location (eg the Network Operation Centre).

Traditional copper-cable testing has been built into telephony networks for many years, allowing customer service representatives to provide a level of immediate service validation during a customer’s fault call before even initiating a truck roll.

In theory, if you already have a line test device (to test copper or optical fibre), an OSS provisioning system and an OSS reporting system, you will only need interfacing and configuration effort but won’t need to buy a separate dedicated line test system.

Alternatively, if you integrate your line test system with your GIS, it is possible to pin-point an accurate location estimate of where a cable has been cut and send technicians directly to the address where a sheepish excavator operator will surely be waiting for you. 🙂

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