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Consultants do most of their best work live (asking questions, innovating answers) while novelists virtually never do their work live.”
Seth Godin
This quote was from an interesting blog entry about doing it live.

As discussed in the blog post, Seth compares and contrasts between live music and pre-recorded music. Pre-recorded music sells 500 times more than live music, but it’s the experience of great live music that stays with you for many years.

As an OSS Consultant, I wonder whether the experience of doing it live, working hand-in-glove with someone will remain far more memorable for that person than the document or deliverable created at the end of the assignment?

Does the analogy hold true for OSS consulting? Is the standard consultant practice of delivering a document at the end of an assignment 500 times more popular, just as it is for recorded music? Yet is it the live work that establishes the rapport, the word-of-mouth, the memorable moments that will stay with the client for years to come?

If you’re a live performer, can the polished deliverables be omitted so that more time can be devoted to delivering live performances? Chances are your sleek, researched deliverables are going to be simply filling disk space in a week/month/year from now anyway right?

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