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Brainstorms inside the company are useful but not as efficient as stepping outside and checking out the world around you. A lot of companies talk about innovation strategy. I always laugh when I hear that. In this rapidly changing world you cannot talk about innovation strategy anymore. That implies some sort of planning or forecasting the future. Innovation, especially in communication and technology business, you find outside your own company.”
Erik Hoving

There’s a particular telco company that organises OSS RFIs on an almost annual basis. They bring in vendors big and small to demonstrate their best stuff and take careful note of the innovations.

Unfortunately for the vendors / integrators, they’re almost never contracted to do any work for this carrier. However, their best innovations do seem to end up in the carrier’s in-house developed OSS within a year or two. [I should not here that I’ve never dealt with Hoving’s employer so this story is not about KPN].

It seems to me that most of the paradigm shifts in OSS are coming from other digital industries in recent years. I’m blessed to have a large network of highly knowledgeable friends and colleagues who are passionate about tech. PAOSS is another vehicle for looking outside to find relevant innovations but I often feel like there’s so much more I’m missing out on.

I’d love to hear where you “look outside” to find innovation that is relevant / insightful to your OSS trajectory.

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