lt’s been a bit quiet here

Well, it’s been a bit quiet here on PAOSS in the last week hasn’t it? The new blogs each weekday have been absent. What’s my excuse you’re wondering.

Paternity leave has gotten in the way of putting pen to website. That and the sleep deprivation that comes with a newborn.

Despite this, I’ve still found myself thinking about OSS way too often. In particular, what the future holds for OSS.

Plenty of people have predicted the death of OSS for years. But rather than conduct a post-mortem after the fact, perhaps we still have the time to do a Gary Klein and conduct a pre-mortem.

There are many common reasons for its predicted demise (eg costs, complexity, risks, enormity of scale, lack of tangibility, etc). There are many people who would like to kill it off. Almost anyone who has worked with an OSS will be able to prepare a long list of cons.

But the future of content and networking that your clients are daydreaming about still need clever software to realise their potential efficiency gains. These clever tools may not closely resemble the OSS of today, but they will be operational support systems nonetheless.

Since your pre-mortem will quickly identify many potential causes of death, your challenge (and that of all of us in the industry) is to identify ways to prevent them – to make our solutions leaner, faster, stronger, more intuitive, more nimble, more helpful, less complex, etc. Then there will be far fewer reasons to kill off OSS ecosystems.

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