Redknee signs with a Tier 1 CSP

Redknee Wins Contract with a Tier 1 CSP in the Americas.

Redknee Solutions announced that a leading Tier 1 communications service provider (CSP) in the Americas has signed an order of more than $8 million dollars to deploy the Redknee Unified solution to deliver its multi-brand growth strategy across multiple countries. Redknee’s converged monetization and subscriber management solution allows the CSP to leverage a virtualized and cloud-based solution to support new brands in retail telecom and M2M markets across the Americas. This win demonstrates how Redknee is able to support Tier 1 CSP’s globally, allowing them to take advantage of growth opportunities in existing and new markets and to support complex multi-brand business models.

By utilizing Redknee Unified, the end-to-end solution will support the launch of new brands and innovative service offerings across pre- and postpaid markets from one centralized platform. Redknee’s real-time converged billing and customer care solution provides an innovative solution that enables fast time to market with the launch of new services in days rather than weeks, while minimizing the investment risk with low initial setup costs.

Lucas Skoczkowski, Redknee’s CEO commented:
“We are pleased to win this contract with a leading Tier-1 service provider in the Americas to deliver our solution in multiple countries. This service provider will be able to rapidly execute on its multi-brand growth strategy by utilizing the Redknee Unified solution. Redknee Unified adds flexibility and agility to its business, allowing our customer to launch new brands, products, services and business models more easily and with a shorter time to market. This contract highlights Redknee’s ability to partner and grow with our customers, while further validating the superiority of Redknee’s software product approach combined with our cloud services in this market.”

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