M1 Singapore deploys Amdocs

M1 Singapore Deploys an Amdocs Convergent Billing Solution to Provide Enhanced Customer Experience.

Amdocs announced that M1 Limited has successfully deployed a convergent billing solution based on the Comverse technology acquired by Amdocs, which will now support M1 as a new Amdocs customer.

The solution, now in service, provides M1’s postpaid billing with a wide range of capabilities, including improved flexibility in tariff, contract configuration and batch payment processing. At the same time, the solution has seen a twofold improvement1 in M1’s rating and billing cycle time, a key metric that translates into faster, more efficient operations.

“We are seeing improved call rating and billing performance as a result of our new system, and that means increased productivity,” said Alan Goh, chief information officer at M1.

“Amdocs has worked closely with M1 to roll out the solution smoothly and we welcome M1 as a new Amdocs customer, along with the opportunity to work with them to deliver exciting new services while accelerating business value,” said Eric Updyke, group president of Systems Integration and Operations at Amdocs.

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