Merging BSS with OSS?

Combine the extremes, and you will have the true center.”
Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

Are we already starting to see the merging of BSS (customer facing systems) and OSS (network facing systems)?

Since carriers are going to be asked by customers to be increasingly transparent, they will need to deliver combined information across the B/OSS. From a customer perspective, it might be a single view of commercial and network functionality, even if it is a consolidated dashboard view from disparate OSS and BSS tools used by the carriers. Automations, flow-through provisioning, customer self-help, network status reports, SLA reporting, eCRM, etc. This list is growing, so flexibility in a carrier’s B/OSS will be increasingly important. OTT (Over The Top) service providers and eBusiness solutions will drive further revolution for incumbent service providers.
These automated tools will drive a greater need for a high level of data integrity, so data auditing functions and processes are also likely to escalate in importance. Is there even a niche for telcos to take on bank-like functionality relating to online financial transactions (eg secure payment mechanisms)?

So, are we already seeing the merging of BSS with OSS? Many of the big vendors/integrators seem to think so, with a number of recent acquisitions of BSS tools/companies by OSS vendors.

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