Michelin stars

Like a waiter in a Michelin-starred restaurant, a service provider needs to strike the right balance between neglecting customers and being overly attentive.”
Executive Leadership Summit.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has a tendency of kicking in when a customer calls a CSP, equivalent to a diner calling for the waiter to complain about the service / meal. I imagine this doesn’t happen often at a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Your OSS / BSS suite should provide you with the information required to provide proactive customer interactions (eg proactive event notifications, service degradations, better product/service alternatives, etc). Similarly, your waiters (ie contact centre representatives) should have data readily available to respond to customer calls based on a simple customer or service ID search. The information should then be sufficient to identify a course of action/s, even if a problem is not immediately resolvable.

Is your CSP worthy of a Michelin star for service responsiveness?

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