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“…numbers from comScore showing that while 60 percent of retail browsing happens on mobile devices, those devices only account for 15 percent of dollars spent.
“The experiences on mobile haven’t caught up with the consumer demand,” he said. “The consumer is ready to do commerce on mobile.””
Anthony Ha here on TechCrunch.

These fascinating stats pose the questions:

  • Do customers prefer to buy from PC or tablet platforms rather than mobiles
  • Do they like to research whilst mobile, yet only spend from the comfort of their own home (and hence their non-mobile devices)
  • Do CSPs have any platforms to leverage this seemingly unmet demand for mobile Commerce (m-Commerce)
  • Mobility is the remaining stronghold for CSPs and they have the subscribers hooked up to their mobile platforms so what tools could regain the perceived value-add by the carriers
  • How does OSS / BSS play a part in bringing the share of pocket back to their customers, the CSPs

This earlier post described how we have already reached “Peak Telco” unless we can better enable small business. The 60% vs 15% statistic seems to point to a way to better enable business.

Fellow OSS/BSSers, what can we do to help meet the demand? A modern-day version of the Yellow Pages springs to mind – providing customers with a platform that allows them to build m-Commerce apps, websites, APIs, sales / marketing analytics engines and hook them into local business product / service search (all using traditional CSP services like voice and data too of course).

Sounds more like a Value Fabric play to me though.

What do you think? Where do the opportunities lie?

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