Navisite deploys Cisco ACI

Navisite Automates Data Centers Worldwide with Cisco ACI Platform, Enhancing Security and Agility.

Cisco announced that Navisite, LLC., a part of Spectrum Enterprise and an international provider of managed cloud services, application management and hosting services, has deployed Cisco® Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI™) as a core technology platform of its software defined data center reference architecture. Cisco ACI will provide the Software Defined Network (SDN) foundation to automate Navisite data centers worldwide and speed time-to-market for its clients.

With eight data centers around the world, Navisite serves enterprise clients spanning all industries from finance and healthcare, to manufacturing and retail who are looking for ways to digitally transform their business. Navisite helps clients achieve their business objectives by guiding their journey to an efficient and personalized cloud-enabled model by abstracting the complexity of their underlying IT infrastructure to find the optimal cloud strategy.

“As a managed multi-cloud provider, our goal is to help clients accelerate the pace of their own innovation and gain a strategic advantage through cloud,” said Sumeet Sabharwal, Group Vice President and General Manager, Navisite. “Having a resilient, highly efficient underlying IT fabric that can support production workloads is key to delivering cloud services, and we’ve embraced Cisco’s software-defined data center vision to offer the highest service levels. Cisco ACI enables us to run an underlying network, compute and storage layer that is intelligent, application aware, policy driven and most importantly, can be adapted on the fly. These are key capabilities that our clients rely on to capitalize on a multi-cloud strategy.”

“With the deployment of Cisco ACI, Navisite is offering its clients the highest level of robust, scalable and secure cloud services that can be quickly deployed and customized, according to client needs and business drivers,” said Ish Limkakeng, Vice President of Marketing for Cisco’s Insieme Business Unit.“At the same time, Navisite can optimize its own operational costs for global data center operations for tasks like standard infrastructure maintenance and oversight, freeing up engineering talent to focus on investing in value-added client services.”

As a result of deploying ACI, Navisite cut latency in half, doubled throughput for its clients, and reduced deployment timeframes from days to a few minutes. Cisco ACI’s automated approach also reduced potential for human error and freed time to focus on higher value tasks. Navisite engineers are able to continuously monitor the network’s heath score and initiate a set of dynamic actions based on specific thresholds. As an incremental benefit, with ACI’s single pane of glass management, Navisite’s global pool of expert engineers now work more efficiently together to automate processes that had formerly been done separately and manually.

With ACI, Navisite will also be able to offer new services tailored to its clients’ requirements, such as inserting a specific firewall or load balancer to meet a client’s needs within Navisite’s private cloud managed hosting environments. Clients will also be able to view and manage the capacity and performance within their environment and turn on additional services through Cisco ACI’s APIC Controller and, in the future, through Proximity, the Navisite client portal.

“We are constantly looking for innovative technologies to combat advanced cyber security threats while maintaining the flexibility and dependability we need to achieve business goals,” said John Barrus, M.S., Director, Infrastructure Management at Pacific Compensation Insurance Company. “Pacific Compensation Insurance Company is excited by Navisite’s decision to partner with Cisco to create a next generation SDN framework. Security incidents are inevitable, but we believe the flexibility and security offered by ACI will deliver increased application continuity and integrations with improved security control.”

ACI is being deployed by service providers worldwide to increase network efficiency, reduce operational costs, improve scalability for future growth, and free up operational staff time to better service their clients. ACI provides a new SDN approach to solve challenges through unified control of both physical and virtual environments, enhanced security, and policy-based automation. As a result, new innovative services can be delivered to market more rapidly.

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