NFV is really three pieces

NFV is really three pieces; the virtual network functions (VNFs) deployed to create service features, the NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) that serves as the platform for hosting/connection of the VNFs, and the management/orchestration (MANO) functions that do the deployment and management. The goal of all of this is to create a framework for deploying service logic in an agile way on a pool of virtualized resources.”
Tom Nolle on his blog.

Linux Foundation launched a working group (Open Platform for NFV) in conjunction with the NFV ISG (Network Function Virtualisation Industry Specifications Group). OpenStack has also officially launched a team that will aim to deliver to NFV specifications.

There is also a third player in the NFV standards / recommendations implementation space – specifically the MANO piece. TM Forum has introduced a new project, which it has called ZOOM (Zero-touch Orchestration, Operations and Management). ZOOM is the TMF’s approach to considering the long-term implications of NFV rather than looking at the shorter-term migration steps for current OSS/BSS.

ZOOM is apparently looking to draw insights from a broader perspective than just traditional operators. It is specifically seeking insights from the tripods discussed in this recent post.

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