NFV Acronyms

Here’s a little cheat-sheet for NFV (Network Function Virtualisation) if you’re suffering DBA (Death By Acronym). I hope you find it useful.

The right-most columns refer to the NFV document that each acronym was sourced from, whereby the following links take you to those documents:
NFV-001 and NFV-MAN001.

Acronym Description NFV-002 NFV-MAN001
ADC Application Delivery Controller . Y
API Application Programming Interface . Y
BRAS Broadband Remote Access Server . Y
BSS Business Support System Y Y
CDN Content Delivery Network Y .
CMS Cloud Management System Y Y
COTS Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Y .
CPE Customer Premise Equipment . Y
CPU Central Processing Unit . Y
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Y .
DSL Digital Subscriber Line . Y
DSLAM DSL Access Multiplexer . Y
E2E End-to-end Y Y
EM Element Management . Y
EMS Element Management System Y Y
EPC Evolved Packet Core Y .
FCAPS Fault Management, Configuration Management, Accounting Management, Performance Management and Security Management . Y
GB Gigabyte . Y
GW Gateway Y .
ID Identifier . Y
IMS IP Multimedia System . Y
IP Internet Protocol . Y
ISG Industry Specification Group . Y
IT Information Technology Y .
KPI Key Performance Indicator . Y
KQI Key Quality Indicator . Y
KVM Kernel Virtual Machine . Y
LAN Local Area Network Y Y
MAC Media Access Control . Y
MME Mobility Management Entity Y .
MPLS Multi-Protocol Label Switching . Y
MRB Media Resource Broker . Y
MRF Media Resource Function . Y
NAS Network Attached Storage Y .
NAT Network Address Translation Y .
NCT Network Connection Topology . Y
NF Network Function Y Y
NFP Network Forwarding Path . Y
NFV Network Function Virtualisation Y Y
NFVI NFV Infrastructure Y Y
NFVI-PoP NFVI Point of Presence Y Y
NFV-MANO NFV Management and Orchestration . Y
NFVO Network Functions Virtualisation Orchestrator . Y
NIC Network Interface Card . Y
NMS Network Management System Y Y
N-PoP Network Point of Presence . Y
NS Network Service . Y
NSD Network Service Descriptor . Y
NSR Network Service Record . Y
OS Operating System Y .
OSS Operations Support System Y Y
PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect . Y
PGW Packet Gateway Y .
PNF Physical Network Function Y Y
PNFD Physical Network Function Descriptor . Y
PNFR Physical Network Function Record . Y
QoS Quality of Service . Y
RAM Random Access Memory . Y
RCA Root Cause Analysis . Y
RGW Residential Gateway Y .
RTT Round Trip Time . Y
SDO Standards Development Organisation Y .
SGW Serving Gateway Y .
VDU Virtualisation Deployment Unit . Y
VEPA Virtual Ethernet Port Aggregator . Y
vEPC Virtual Evolved Packet Core . Y
VIM Virtualised Infrastructure Manager . Y
VL Virtual Link . Y
VLAN Virtual Local Area Network Y Y
VLD Virtual Link Descriptor . Y
VLR Virtual Link Record . Y
VM Virtual Machine . Y
VNF Virtualised Network Function . Y
VNFD Virtualised Network Function Descriptor . Y
VNF-FG VNF Forwarding Graph Y .
VNFFG VNF Forwarding Graph . Y
VNFFGD VNFFG Descriptor . Y
VNFM VNF Manager . Y
VNFR VNF Record . Y
vPGW Virtual Packet Gateway . Y
VPLS Virtual Private LAN Service Y .
VPN Virtual Private Network . Y
vSGW Virtual Signalling Gateway . Y
VXLAN Virtual eXtensible LAN . Y
WAN Wide Area Network . Y
WIM WAN Infrastructure Manager . Y


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