No more network data synch?

The agendas on the management side of the table now are not in sync like they used to be because you have vastly different entities supplying programming to networks.”
Dick Wolf

It’s funny how that quote sounds so relevant to network management platforms on software-defined networks yet has nothing to do with it. But I digress.

In an earlier post about virtualisation meeting big data, I spoke about a forward-looking network management framework that doesn’t need an offline database of network assets.

The model suggests that the network is the database of records (DBoR) and the “management tool” is simply the analytics tool that polls the network for real-time assets (physical and logical).

Since there is no offline database, there is no need to compare data sets. The network is always the true representation of the data so there’s no need to reconcile it’s data against other records per se.

But that’s the easy part, effectively acting like an EMS (Element Management System). The true value of an OSS is the ability to go cross-domain and link data sets across disparate technologies, topologies and geographies. This is where the next generation of OSS will need to get smart, with the virtualised platforms of SDN/NFV needing a common standard for data linkages across domains that can give end-to-end views of cross-domain assets such as virtual circuits.

“But wait! Not so fast,” I hear you say. “We need to visualise the network and undertake network planning.” You guys are really on the ball. This future model will undoubtedly need a visualisation and planning tool. I’ll describe that in more detail in tomorrow’s blog.

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