Outside plant data synch

Passivity is fatal to us.”
Mao Zedong.

In a blog written a year ago today, we discussed some of the challenges in maintaining data synchronisation from your outside plant, your passive network, your pits, pipes and cables, because they have no programmatic interface. Without the mechanism for automated feedback via a programmatic interface, the CSP has to build strong, reliable processes to ensure the feedback loop is closed via human intervention (ie maintaining data records manually) on the outside plant network.

This probably explains why data sanctity issues regularly arise from the CSP’s outside plant network. And as we all know, if the quality of data in the OSS database degrades, re-work, audits and quality issues lead to reduced operational efficiency for the CSP. I’ve seen instances where the OSS application was in perfect working order but staff had no faith in it because its data was bordering on unusable.

Is your outside plant network causing issues for your OSS?

If it is, let me know because I have an approach that I’d like to trial with a CSP that delivers a programmatic, automated interface on what are effectively passive assets.

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