Oh, sorry. I had it in 2D. Good luck!

Have you ever worked out in the field, turning design packs / drawings prepared by colleagues in your design team into built network?

Have you ever worked at head office (eg the NOC) and interacted with your colleagues out in the field?

If you have, you’ll know there’s often a disconnect in situational awareness between back-office / remote and field workers. The comment at 1:45 in this snippet of “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” made me laugh for just that reason.

This clip also succinctly describes why I expect OSS will inevitably become much more immersive in the future.

We can already see how far 3D graphics have come in the 5 years since the movie was released in 2018.

Compare this shot from the movie…

…with more recent photogrammetry below (where you can actually zoom in enough to see the threads on bolts or cracks in the concrete tower):

Then compare that with a typical 2D design drawing that field workers use today:

You can see why there are many, “I’m jumping out a window! Sorry, I had it in 2D!” moments in telco.

From design to build to operations, 3D representation of the built network (sites, comms rooms, cabinets, etc) will become commonplace. Is 3D in your product roadmap?

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