Operation Nexterday

The only thing that seems to outpace the evolution of technology is the evolution of customer preferences and expectations. The resultant landscape is one of ever-shortening product lifecycles and frequent industry restructuring.”
Neo Boon Siong

I attended the launch of Comptel’s Operation Nexterday last week. In support of the launch, they also have the book version downloadable here: http://www.comptel.com/news-and-events/the-book-operation-nexterday.

I was only able to attend the first couple of hours due to existing commitments, but the seminar provided a really fascinating insight into what Comptel perceives as being the future drivers of OSS. I say “really fascinating” because they covered many of the items that I also cover in a soon-to-be-published market report on the influencer trends and technologies on next generation OSS.

Keep an eye out to see whether the launch roadshow will be coming to a place near you soon. If not, the book (link above) is well worth a read in the interim.

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