OSS flu remedy

We’re just going to have more and more traffic, and more and more congestion. Regardless of whether we decide to go forward with these projects or not, one way or the other, we will pay.”
Jacob Snow

Okay, so your OSS/BSS can’t really protect you from getting the flu, but perhaps it can ease congestion (of your network, rather than your nose).

Telecommunications congestion tends to follow typical patterns with major differences between peaks and troughs. As an essential service, it’s important for carrier networks to be designed for peak congestion in mind.

But what if you could flatten the congestion curve? Would it allow you to reduce infrastructure or gain more subscribers before network uplift / expansion?

Carriers the world over have offered reduced rates for using their services during off-peak periods. But rather than offering a static flat-rate pricing model will carriers, particularly wholesale carriers, see network capacity as an un-used asset to make available to customers using dynamic price/service models, just as airlines, hotels and other industries have with their un-used capacity? If they do, can current OSS and BSS handle such flexibility?

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