Procera Networks and Openet NFV demo

Procera and Openet to provide Proof of Concept demonstrating Virtualized Real-Time OSS/BSS.

Procera Networks, Inc. together with Openet, a leading provider of real-time BSS (business support systems), today announced they will showcase an ETSI NFV proof of concept demonstration of real-time OSS/BSS running on a virtualized environment. It will show how Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) concepts can be applied to OSS/BSS to deliver on the business benefits and improved customer experience that NFV promises, brought by increased system agility, faster time to market, reduced TCO, increased elasticity and greater service availability.

Virtualization of operational and business support systems—OSS and BSS—functions such as DPI, policy, charging and analytics is essential to achieving a dynamic network environment that can keep pace with, and monetize new service innovation. This extends to access control, and broader revenue handling systems.

This proof of concept brings together a number of industry leaders in virtualized OSS/BSS including Openet, Procera and Amartus, working with OpenStack leader Red Hat, and leading computing innovation company Intel.

The demo will showcase:
1.How virtualized Network Functions (PCRF, PCEF) can be combined to provide Telco grade performance, scalability and resilience and how virtualized BSS components such as online charging systems (OCS) can be included to provide a complete distributed Policy Management and Charging Control system.
2.Integrated analytics and orchestration for scaling automation and Virtualized Network Function (VNF) resource allocation, utilizing real-time monitoring of VNFs and a combination of historical data and machine learning to predict demand and mitigate underutilization of assigned resources.
3.How OpenStack support for Intel® Architecture-based systems helps enhance performance


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