Proving you’re the best of the best at OSS

Way back in 2015, the PAOSS blog proposed the idea of an OSS Olympics to help identify the best OSS’ers in the world.

It suggested the following 10 events (noting that operators can use tools of their own choosing):

  1. Order handling – set up a particular type of order, with complexities, and see who can generate the order the fastest into a pseudo-BSS order repository
  2. Service configuration and activation – being the fastest to fulfill a complex service request on a network platform
  3. Problem resolution – surely OSS’s equivalent of the 100m sprint, the blue riband event, to solve complex network problem scenarios the fastest
  4. Customer QoS and SLA management – perhaps the 200m sprint, being the fastest to solve a degraded network situation
  5. Resource performance management – engineering the traffic flows on a network to provide the best steady-state performance
  6. Bill invoice management – taking a data set containing different products, bundles, services and customers and generating correct bills for all customers in the fastest time
  7. Supplier / Partner settlements and payments management – similar to the above but taking S/P interconnect data and providing correct settlement statements the fastest
  8. Product and Offer management – to build a fully functional product offering the fastest (could be a team event)
  9. Service development – to build a functional service offering
  10. Knowledge management – to deliver a decision support capability that provides the fastest access to process documentation in 5 real-time situations / events

Well, it seems that the concept is now a reality. Number three on the list, the blue-riband event, exists under the title Boss of the NOC (BOTN) competition hosted by Splunk and Arcus Data. Apparently this is the third year of this event, having first been hosted in 2017.

This event only relates to diagnosis using Splunk tools, but it’s a great concept. All you Splunk gurus, jump on board!

It’s on Thursday, March 28, 2019 from 9:00am – 3:30pm in San Diego.


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  1. Wow Ryan, this is awesome… how about as a marathon type even, you have to add a legacy inventory component into a newer product relase like SDWAN or Incremental BW upgrade and no facilities? for good old fun shouldn’t we have a wire tracing at a colocation site from a port on a patch panel and the first one to ID it from a record, complete a trace through a complex CO wins.

    Can’t prove you are the B/OSS without keeping it real.

  2. Great idea. That’s definitely the marathon even Christi.
    Love the double entendre regarding B/OSS too BTW.

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