Redknee extends with Afghan Wireless

Redknee Secures an Expanded Software and Services Contract With Afghan Wireless.

Redknee Solutions has secured a new multi-year software and services contract with Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC), the leading telecom operator in Afghanistan. The new contract enables AWCC to maximize the value of its investment in Redknee’s software solutions by adding capabilities to the existing Redknee solution. This contract allows AWCC to offer innovative subscriber campaigns, implement more complex policies, improve time to market, and deliver additional flexibility for its services and tariff plans. This contract comes at a time when Redknee is experiencing rapid growth in its services business, as Communications Services Providers (CSPs) focus on maximizing the value of their existing technology, improving efficiency, minimizing risk and preparing for the transformation into a Digital Services Provider (DSP). For Redknee, this contract demonstrates how its services solutions can optimize the value of existing business investments to achieve faster time-to-market, competitive differentiation and improved business results.

CSPs face highly competitive markets, and to maintain profitability and competitiveness CSPs need to concentrate on their core business and customers, which is enabled by Redknee services. Redknee uses best-in-class tools, processes and consulting to deliver agreed service levels and reduce operating cost. Redknee services support a number of Tier-1 operator groups globally and clients from across the Redknee customer base. Redknee provides a full suite of professional services catering to the needs of CSPs, including consulting services, managed services, software factory, test factory, cloud services, learning services, and application services. The rapid growth experienced by the Redknee services business prompted the recent introduction of new services, including analytics and business intelligence, revenue assurance and security.

Daniel Florentine, AWCC Board Member commented:
“With Redknee’s blend of software and services solutions, Afghan Wireless is further enhancing campaigns and offerings available to its over 4 million active subscribers. The business is now more prudent than the competition and better able to meet, and even exceed, subscriber expectations resulting in improved satisfaction amongst our subscriber base.”

Lucas Skoczkowski, Redknee’s CEO commented:
“We are pleased to work with AWCC and other clients to improve business outcomes by creating efficient operations, improving profitability and creating sustained business advantage. Redknee is experiencing strong demand for its software and services from across its entire customer base. We are excited to add new services to our portfolio, allowing our clients to benefit from more state-of-the-art services that maximize the value of their investments with Redknee.”

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