SaskTel International offers SaaS OSS suite

SaskTel International serves up new SaaS OSS suite.

SaskTel International (SI), a leading-edge communications software and services solution provider, has announced the launch of a robust suite of Operations Support System (OSS) software solutions via a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. The SaaS-enabled software provides Communications Service Providers (CSPs) with a flexible approach to drive the fulfillment and assurance of services while cost-effectively managing IT and software related expenses.

As CSPs seek OSS solutions that can be rapidly deployed while reducing risk and capital investment, SaaS-based software has emerged as an attractive alternative in comparison to traditional on-premise software models. Operating on a hosted subscription model, SI’s SaaS solution enables CSPs to bypass the significant upfront and ongoing cost of IT infrastructure and resources required for deploying on-site instances of software. Typical concerns with performance, uptime, disaster recovery and maintenance are also alleviated as software is hosted in a stable and secure operating environment. As opposed to on-premise software implementations, SaaS is also conducive to business flexibility, meaning that the solution can scale with business demand without significant IT expense.

The new solution marks a significant stride forward in SI’s powerful suite of OSS fulfilment and assurance software. “For CSPs it is a win-win as they are empowered with the same powerful capabilities intrinsic to SI’s OSS suite, yet can leverage the additional benefits that a SaaS structure has to provide”, states Curtis Adair, Chief Operating Officer, SI. “With the new solution, CSPs can drive new levels of efficiencies and cost savings into business operations, but do so with a low initial investment and a predictable expense structure.”

Hosted out of SI’s parent company SaskTel’s enterprise-class data centers, the new solution provides CSPs with enhanced levels of security and availability. These locations boast state-of-the-art security measures to protect against environmental and human threats as well as high availability and performance capabilities to ensure undisrupted, optimal operation.

Remove the complexity of managing data and applications internally and experience the peace of mind knowing that they will always be secure and available. With SI’s SaaS-enabled OSS suite, drive new efficiencies and optimize operational capabilities while adopting a forward thinking approach to managing IT expense.

About SaskTel International:
SaskTel International (SI) was established in 1986 as a subsidiary of SaskTel, a multi-service communications service provider with over a century of successful operating experience. SI leverages the expertise, industry firsts, lessons-learned, and resources of SaskTel to market leading-edge software solutions and professional services for service providers worldwide.

As a full solutions provider, SI offers leading-edge service fulfillment and assurance software products along with a proven portfolio of professional services. SI solution deployments have supported service providers in over 40 countries and 6 continents to envision and deliver a more connected world.

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