Slovak Telekom selects Netcracker

Slovak Telekom Selects Netcracker to Radically Simplify Operations with Converged Billing and Services Deal.

Netcracker Technology announced that it has expanded its billing relationship with Slovak Telekom, the largest telecommunications service provider in Slovakia. Slovak Telekom will leverage Netcracker’s Revenue Management solution to bring its fixed and mobile billing processes onto a single, end-to-end platform.

Netcracker’s Revenue Management solution was Slovak Telekom’s longtime wireline billing system. By integrating fixed and mobile billing operations onto a single and converged solution, Slovak Telekom will be able to reduce operating expenses, improve business agility and create a more consolidated approach to billing and revenue management.

“The benefits presented by Netcracker’s Revenue Management solution across our fixed billing processes over the years are enough to give us the confidence to expand those capabilities into our mobile billing operations as well,” said Branimir Maric, CTIO at Slovak Telekom. “We are excited to bring our mobile and fixed billing onto a single platform, which will allow us to reduce sales costs and operating expenditure and generate additional revenue opportunities.”

In addition to delivering its turnkey Revenue Management solution to Slovak Telekom, Netcracker will provide a wide range of professional services, including analysis, design, configuration, development, integration, migration and testing services. Netcracker will also support Slovak Telekom’s initiative to simplify its billing product portfolio and business processes.

Netcracker’s converged fixed and mobile billing solution will help Slovak Telekom reduce costs by introducing a consolidated billing system, which will be less expensive to maintain than running two separate systems in parallel.

“We are glad to see that Slovak Telekom has translated the benefits we presented through our wireline billing solution into its wireless domain as well,” said Sylvain Seignour, Vice President of Global Sales at Netcracker. “Our expanded relationship with Slovak Telekom validates our Revenue Management solution’s capabilities in consolidating billing processes and streamlining operations.”

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