Smart (Philippines) deploys Amdocs

Smart Embraces Intelligence to Deliver a New Level of Service Personalization to Millions of Filipinos.

Amdocs announced that Smart Communications Inc. (Smart) has deployed an Amdocs solution enabling personalized and contextualized customer engagement. Smart is one of the largest wireless service providers in the Philippines and has deployed the Amdocs solution to support its entire subscriber base of nearly 60 million prepaid and postpaid subscribers. The solution is powered by the Amdocs aia platform which offers a rich set of telecom-specific, real-time intelligence capabilities. It will enable Smart to create personalized customer journeys that deliver the most relevant products, messages or offers to Smart subscribers, at the most appropriate time and over the most appropriate channel.

“This is a strategic milestone in our digital transformation journey,” said Ernesto R. Alberto, chief revenue officer at Smart. “We wanted to introduce a new way to engage with customers. As opposed to the typical mass-market or segmentation-based marketing campaign, the Amdocs customer engagement solution powered by Amdocs aia allows us to target individual customers with products and services that can offer them the most value when they are most likely to need them.”

The Amdocs solution was deployed to connect to key Smart data sources, including Smart’s enterprise data warehouse and CRM and charging systems, offering a real-time view of the subscriber across all the channels on which they are active. It then leverages real-time data analytics to determine the right time to engage with the customer and what to offer, continuing to optimize the customer journey in real-time. Amdocs is also delivering dedicated consulting services to help Smart formulate marketing strategies based on deep market insights, for better business results. The deployment went into commercial use on schedule and on budget and will be supported in a managed services model.

“Smart has built a reputation for innovation and their deployment of our customer engagement solution powered by Amdocs aia is an additional example of Smart’s determination to take the customer experience to new heights,” said Gary Miles, chief marketing officer at Amdocs. “Smart will now be able to accumulate, manage and transform their data assets into real value for end customers. As a consequence, Smart will be able to sell more effectively and execute the right retention strategies, driving revenue growth and improving customer loyalty and net promoter scores overall. Amdocs’ approach of combining innovative technology with a dedicated marketing consulting service which focuses on the business outcomes is unique and allows us to drive better results for our customers.”

Smart has previously deployed Amdocs Kenan for billing.

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