Sometimes you just need a new teacher

I was walking along a city street between meetings recently and overheard the tiniest snippet of a conversation between a couple walking in the opposite direction – “sometimes you just need a new teacher.”

What a great, random insight.

One of the great things about being an OSS consultant and assisting many clients and their customers with their OSS is the ever-changing array of teachers to learn from. Not just the people either, but the systems, architectures, processes and cultures. I’m incredibly grateful to have had such opportunities.

I’m also grateful for the wonderful community that contributes their time and ideas here on PAOSS, endlessly teaching me more about OSS.

There are also so many great teachers in my study, on call for whenever I want to hear their greatest words of wisdom – Richard Branson, Jack Welch, John C Maxwell, Seth Godin, Nelson Mandela, Edward de Bono, Peter Drucker, Steven Covey, Jim Collins, Gary Hamel, Malcolm Gladwell, Robert Kiyosaki and so many more.

Does anyone in OSS ever get caught in a position of staleness, where they need to find new teachers? Do we need to seek out new teachers or do they just find us? Are all of us surrounded by so many opportunities to learn that we actually need to filter, selecting from the best of the best?

Do you have a great teacher that you’d love to give a shout out to?
Or, like my fellow pedestrians, do you need a new teacher?

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