Vivo upgrades Netcracker

Vivo Accelerates Service Delivery Capabilities by Upgrading Netcracker Solution.

Netcracker Technology announced that Vivo, the largest telecommunications service provider in Brazil, is upgrading Netcracker’s Activation Manager solution to streamline the process of bringing innovative new services to market. The upgraded solution’s newer features will support Vivo’s long-term business growth strategies and reduce total cost of ownership.

Vivo is the leading telecommunications service provider in Brazil, offering fixed-line and mobile voice, television and Internet broadband services to nearly 3400 cities across the country.

“Quickly configuring, provisioning and managing new services is a critical factor in being able to optimize customer experience and succeed in a marketplace that is constantly changing and innovating,” said Christiane Edington, Director of IT at Vivo. “As the industry evolves, it is important that we remain ahead by providing the channels that our customers demand and ensuring that our services are delivered effectively. By continuing our partnership with Netcracker, we are confident in our ability to hit these benchmarks.”

With more automated service activation capabilities, Vivo can accelerate new service deployment, optimize fulfillment processes and reduce assurance demands. Accurate and timely activation of services will also ensure that customer expectations and SLA commitments are met, while driving greater efficiency across service delivery cycles. By using Netcracker’s Activation Manager, Vivo can integrate new platforms with innovative products across its various lines of business.

“Bringing innovative services to market faster and more cost-effectively introduces the ability to expand new revenue streams by maximizing customer experience and delivering on the expectations that exist today,” said Sylvain Seignour, Vice President of Global Sales at Netcracker. “Helping operators capitalize on these opportunities is very important to us, and we are always on the lookout for new ways to help our customers succeed.”

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