8 Traits of Successful People

The most successful people in business work differently:
1. They don’t create back-up plans
2. They do the work…
3. …and they work a lot more
4. They avoid the crowds
5. They start at the end…
6. … and they don’t stop there
7. They sell
8. They are never too proud

Jeff Haden
in his report on INC.com

Does this relate to you and your OctopOSS?
1. Can you really implement an OctopOSS with only one outcome in mind? Can you become a fanatic about delivering your primary plan without contingencies? It’s desirable to have a clear vision in mind and focus all efforts on achieving that vision, but sometimes the complexity of your OctopOSS may require an evolving plan too.

2 and 3. There is no doubt that when it comes to the OctopOSS, the harder you work, the better you understand the beast and the better the outcomes you will deliver if you’re truly passionate. On other projects it might be possible to coast, but there’s too much to learn on an OSS to tackle it on a 9 to 5 basis

4. Whilst OSS have been around for many years, we still haven’t scratched the surface of what can be done. Bucketloads of left-field thinking is still required on OSS products and projects. The current trends aren’t always better than the superseded trends, they often just have less bells and whistles

5. Having a clear vision of the end outcomes is the only way. Every project should be started by setting out the big picture (refer to Planning an OSS with WBS) rather than the details

6. The OctopOSS is a never-ending evolution. A perfect OSS today will still need new tweaks tomorrow when new device types are added to the network or new services are offered or processes are refined

7. There are many ways to skin an OctopOSS and there are no right answers (or world’s best practice). As such, there are many in-flight decisions to be made and the “ability to sell” in this context is the ability to convince others that your path around the roadblocks or objections are the most optimal

8. The OctopOSS terminology used on this website describes the complexities of delivering an OSS. Admitting mistakes, acting with humility and learning from others are all fundamental traits to dealing with the OctopOSS

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