The B/OSS banking ecosystem

One can envisage that future banks will run themselves general ledgers, treasury systems, product catalogues – other IT systems will be outsourced to specialized digital services providers.
Most of interactions with customers, including CRM, electronic payments, sales channel support, and client reporting will form a part of external digital environment:
Banks will deliver their products to reselling and cooperating organizations with white labels
Janusz Filipiak
on the Comarch site.

These three dot-points earmark Janusz’s predictions for the banking industry. I share his belief that the e- revolution that has taken over the music industry and left many more in its wake is already beating a path to the door of the banking industry.

But interestingly, Janusz’s predicted changes below actually represent opportunities for the ICT industry to prosper, particularly telcos and their next generation of B/OSS.

Running specialised digital services – tick.
Most of interactions with customers… will form a part of external digital environment – tick
Delivery via reselling or white labelling – tick (potentially)
Having a massive subscriber base to support these services plus an inherent trust in their commercial transactions – tick

Looking at Janusz’s digital banking ecosystem shows many more ticks
* Internet payment organisations
* E-commerce companies
* Mobile payment companies
* Systems of engagement
* Provider of IT cloud services
* Data centres

If you then expand that to include provision of mobile networks and phones that support NFC (like this venture between DNB and Telenor) then telcos could definitely launch into direct or peer-to-peer banking services (subject to regulatory constraints of course).

The telcos get to OTT the banks!!

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