Solomon Telekom signs a BSS contract with Inomial

Solomon Telekom has something to Smile about

Inomial has signed a major deal with Solomon Islands incumbent Solomon Telekom to
provide its billing system for mobile, fixed and Internet services. It’s one of a number
of recent deals Inomial has done in the South Pacific this year.

Solomon Telekom selected Inomial’s Smile revenue management solution to replace
their legacy billing system that was over 15 years old and was more suited to the
fixed network environment it had been introduced for.

“A lot of our customers have moved away from fixed services, so we were looking for
a modern billing system that could provide us more options for mobile data services,
which are now very popular in the country,” Solomon Telekom CEO Loyley Ngira said.
“We wanted a system that could not only bill for what we have today, but also we
want to be able to bill for future services,” he added, noting that Solomon Telekom,
which uses the “Our Telekom” brand, was also introducing a range of new services
including IPTV.

Ngira said that mobile data in the Solomon Islands was growing in terms of both the
volume of data consumed as well as the number of subscribers. He said one of the
key attractions of the Inomial solution was its ability to create new packages as well
as to support “bucket” plans where subscribers could share data among different

“As the Internet gets more popular we will be able to offer more products and also
provide the customer more information, such as how much data they are using,” he

Inomial looks forward to helping Solomon Telekom Smile now and into the future!

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